Luggage and Bags

A great online store provides a wide range of Travel Bags, Utility Bags, Trolley bags, Briefcases, Suitcases, Laptop Bag, Executive Bag, Conference Bag, Leather Bag, Ladies Bag and office bag for Men and women at India.

Which type of Trolley Bag Should be Buy?

If you are regular traveller then 22 Inch – 24-inch Bag is suitable for you, we don`t suggest you buy more than 24 inches tall, because its takes too much space in the car, train or plane. if you travel for 2-3 days then 20-inch Trolley Bag is sufficient for you. If you are a couple and go for 3- 4 days, Great online store suggest getting 2 bags first 24 Inch and the second bag is a handbag.

In Trolly Bag, Two or Four wheels- which one is better?

Two wheels Bags are required to pull behind you. you can only pull straight line. sometime in a dirty place, you should care to put down there, because its half part is touchable to there bag and a half on touch with the wheel.
Four-wheel Bags are more friendly and easy to pull, four-wheel Trolly Bags are rotating 360 degrees and they can be wheeled when they are upright.