Before you buying Gold Jewelry, you need to know these things

Check The Gold purity

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Gold purity is represented in carats, with 24 carat gold being 99.9% pure and 22 carat gold 92% pure. 1 carat gold equals 4.2% pure gold, which means 58.33% in 14 carat and 75% in 18 carat and 92% pure gold in 22 carat. 24 carat gold is 99.9% pure which is not suited for jewelry making, which is why jewelers use 14, 18 or 22 carat gold. The hallmark is a symbol of purity of gold.
Gold jewelry making charge is dependent on jewelry design,

Buy Back Options – Most jewelers offer the option of buy back option, in which one can exchange their old jewelry sets for new ones. Although designs and trends may change, the value of gold does not remain the same and discussion on purchase during purchase may provide future benefits

During some occasions gold buying is at peak, which increases the prices of gold. It would be smart to buy gold jewelry during the off season, when prices are low and discounts are high

Both men and women love gold, our attraction for gold is beyond the realms and we have a great art of buying gold. People are not only buying gold jewelry for investment, but it is also a fashion accessory. This precious metal is enough to get our attention, which distracts us from everything around the world


We will show you very good designs here, which are in the current fashion, you can show these designs and make better jewelry according to your budget
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