What should you know before buying a Washing machine

When you buy washing machine please follow these Instructions because washing machine one most important product in our daily use. 

In Indian Market some companies provide 5 year warranty and some companies provide 2 year. 

There are two types of washing machine in Market.

  1. Semi Automatic
  2. Fully Automatic

Washing machine


Semi Automatic washing machine

Semi Automatic washing machine are not provided water supplies and air dry system. You should always active when you start washing machine in semi Automatic washing machine. Semi Automatic Washing machine price little bit low as compared to Fully automatic washing machine.

Washing machine

Fully Automatic washing machine

In Fully Automatic washing machine price little bit higher as compared to semi automatic washing machine, but its quit easy to handle and easy to wash own cloth.These are Best washing machine for wash cloth because in this washing machine you only drop own cloth and surf. set your timer and start.

Advantage of Semi Automatic washing machine – Semi automatic washing machine are cheaper and long lasting.

Advantage of Fully Automatic washing machine – Fully Automatic washing machine are best washing machines because these are user friendly and easy to handle.

Material of the drum. The material of the washing machine drum can come in varieties, such as plastic, stainless steel or even porcelain enamel, with steel is best being the more expensive version and the most durable, plastic and enamel is cheaper but not good

Note :-

1. if you living in salty water area you should buy Fiber body washing machines .

2. There are many types of washing machine in Kilo gram, they are showing with 5 kg washing machine, 6.5 kg washing machine, 8 kg washing machine and many more, so if you are 4 member family then buy 6.5 Kg washing machine, if you are 5 to 8 member family then use 8 k.g washing machine or 10 kg washing machine.

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